Writing Samples

Here are a few noteworthy pieces I’ve written over the years—two articles of which I was asked to read at speaking conferences.

“While Eating Lunch by the River”
I was inspired to write this short story by an interaction I had with a seagull in downtown Saint Augustine. I was soaking in the afternoon sun, enjoying the sea breeze (and my sandwich) when this funny little scenario unfolded. I saw a fantastic opportunity to dramatize it.

Excerpt: “Percy Shelley and his Poetic Political Persuasions”
Percy Shelley (yes he was Mary Shelley’s husband) is a famous British Literature poet who wrote during the Romantic Literary period. Although he died at a young age (30), what he managed to write highlighted his strong desire for justice. His verse struck a similar chord within me, which is why I chose to dig into his poems more deeply in this essay.

Excerpt: “A Meager Patriarchal Woman in Liz Robbins’ “Slim Villanelle in a Veil”
This is an excerpt from a longer research paper I wrote analyzing a poem by, coincidentally, a professor at my college. I wove feminist scholarly criticism by Naomi Wolf and Simone de Beauvoir into my arguments. My hard work paid off when I was asked to read the essay at the college’s English Department Colloquium!

Excerpt: “Challenges of Comprehending Japanese Haiku within a Western Cultural Framework”
Many of us have heard of the Japanese poetic form haiku, but few know its historical development, and perhaps even fewer grasp the nuanced nature it traditionally possesses. I went deep into the linguistic and cultural details making up haiku in this paper and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the challenges of translation. I was excited to then present my research to faculty and fellow students at a Japanese Literature Senior Seminar.